From 8-12 February 2017, Museum of the Moon was presented at TEC ART festival in Rotterdam by producing partner PLANETART. The Moon was suspended outdoors between buildings on Boomgaardsstraat and was on show 24/7. On Friday 10 February there was a live concert by Valery Vermeulen.

TEC ART Rotterdam is (since 2014) a new festival during the annual Art Rotterdam Week, 8-12 February, when the city is covered with art fairs and other initatives about contemporary art and design. TEC ART contributes to the Art Week with a full 4 day program of exhibitions, live acts, music, talks, parties and more. The program researches recent developments in contemporary art, and also relates to public space,  and the impact of technology today and tomorrow.

TEC ART Rotterdam takes place in and around its Rotterdam partner WORM, including Museum of the Moon, and in a huge former harbour building at Keilestraat 9A, presenting works of 44 artists.

PLANETART is an artist collective that initiates (public) projects, events and festivals at the interface of art, technology, mass media and popular culture. Art, DIY, Music, Experiment, Popculture, Activism. Since 2004 organiser of GOGBOT. Since 2009 Twente Biënnale, since 2014 TEC ART Rotterdam.

Drone film of the Moon at TEC ART made by Sebastiaan Eisink.

The Moon in Dutch Culture
There is a belief in Western culture that when looking up at the moon, the image of man can be seen. The Dutch household myth is, that the unhappy man was caught stealing vegetables. Dante calls him Cain:—

“… Now cloth Cain with fork of thorns confine,
On either hemisphere, touching the wave
Beneath the towers of Seville. Yesternight
The moon was round.”—Hell, cant. xx.

And again,

“… Tell, I pray thee, whence the gloomy spots
Upon this body, which below on earth
Give rise to talk of Cain in fabling quaint?”
Paradise, cant. ii.

Fake Moon Rock
A moon rock given to the Dutch prime minister by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969 has turned out to be a fake. Find out more here.



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