Over the coming years Museum of the Moon will be presented in art exhibitions, science, music and light festivals around the world. As the artwork tours, new audio compositions will be created and performed by a range of established composers and musicians, so adding to the Museum of the Moon collection.



Museum of the Moon will next be presented in:

Scienceworks, Melbourne, Australia, 1 December 2018 – 28 April 2019
Life Science Centre, Newcastle, UK, 2 February – 6 May
The Collection Museum, Lincoln, UK, 2 March – 28 April
BLIK BLIK Festival, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 25 March – 1 April
Futura Genoa, Italy, 3 – 6 April
Joondalup Festival, Australia, 5 – 7 April
The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, USA, opens 21st April (end date TBC)
Florence, South Carolina, USA, 26 April – 8 May 
Lille3000, France, 27 April – 8 September
Boston, USA, 5 May to 13 October
Ingelheim, Germany, 3 – 5 May
Brighton, UK, 17 – 19 May
Natural History Museum, London, 17 May – 8 September
Big Bang Festival, France, 17 – 18 May
Ely Cathedral Science Festival, UK, 18 May – 9 June
Bell Museum, Minnesota, USA, 20 May – 8 June
Dorset Moon, UK, 28 – 30 June; 5 – 6 July; 12 – 14 July
Shepparton Winter Festival, Australia, 22 June
Festival Viva Cité, France, 28 to 30 June
Birmingham, UK, 12 – 14 July 
Rhode Island, USA, 8 – 29 July
Bluedot, UK, 18 – 21 July
Dorchester, UK, 19 – 21 July
Cork, Ireland, 19 – 23 July
Armagh, Northern Ireland, 20th July
Milwaukee, USA, 9 – 11 Aug
Derby Cathedral, UK, 16 September – 6 October
Ironbridge Gorge Museum, UK, 21 October – 10 November
The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, USA, 1 – 22 Dec

(There are several moons touring simultaneously)


Presented previously in:


Napa Lighted Festival, USA. Light Night, Nottingham,UK. Burns & Beyond, Edinburgh, Scotland. Reykjavík, Iceland. Harris Museum & Art Gallery, UK. Suffolk Science Festival,UK. 


Commonwealth Games, Australia. British Council tour of India. Bangalore, Udaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai. Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, USA. Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, Spain. UZ Arts, Glasgow, Scotland. Tintern Abbey, Wales. Tall Ship Regatta,Liverpool. Scene Nationale de Gap, France.  ZAT, Montpellier, France.  Ghent Light Festival, Ghent. Festival Les Tombées de la Nuit, Rennes, France. Leicester CathedralW5, Belfast. Zsolnay Light Festival, Hungary. Kelburn Garden Party, Scotland. Timber Festival, National Forest, UK. Bristol, UK. L’ete festival, Paris. Olala Festival, Austria. Galway International Arts Festival, Ireland. Theater op de Markt Festival, Belgium. Zomerparkfeest, Netherlands. Stratford Summer Music, Canada. The Big Feast Festival, Stoke on Trent, UK. Freedom Festival, Hull, UK. Cirk Aalast, Belgium. Muttart Conservatory, Canada. skyranMOON, Orkney. British Science Festival, Hull, UK. Llawn06, Wales. Bell Square, London. Watercube, Beijing. Scène nationale de Cergy, France. Gravity Fields Festival, UK. Vivacity, Peterborough, UK. Derriere le Hublot, France. Lightpool Festival, Blackpool, UK. ART TAIPEI, Taiwan. Diwali, Leicester, UK. Light Night, Doncaster, UK. Lumo Light Festival, Finland. Lights On, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Festa di Roma 2019, Italy. Limerick, Ireland.


Aarhus, Denmark, European Capital of Culture. Lee Tung Avenue, Hong Kong. Comic Con, NYC. Plaisirs d’Hiver Winterpret, Brussels.   La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona. Light Night Leeds UK. Biela Noc, Slovakia & Bratislava. Festival of Imagineers, Coventry, UK. Terni Festival, Italy. GOGBOT Festival, Enschede, Netherlands. White Night, Riga, Latvia. The Guildhall, Derry, Northern Ireland.  Thinktank, Birmingham, UK. Greenwich+Docklands Festival, London. Cork Midsummer Festival, Ireland. Festival Les Tombées de la Nuit, Rennes, France. Dubai UAE. Oerol Festival, Netherlands. Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK. University of Bristol, UK.

TEC ART Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands.  OORtreders Festival, Belgium. Lieux Publics ‘Travellings’, Marseilles, France. Lakes Alive, Kendal, UK.


Museum Collections

Editions of the Museum of the Moon artwork, have been acquired by museums in Barcelona (Spain), Chicago (USA), Toronto (Canada), Canberra (Australia), Houston (USA), Geneva (Switzerland), San Francisco (USA), Sydney (Australia), Peoria (USA), Vienna (Austria) and Ottawa (Canada). 


Contact us if your organisation is interested in presenting the artwork in the future. The artwork can be presented in a number of different ways. See examples in Past Presentations. The artwork can be exhibited indoors or outdoors, with lunar compositions played in surround sound from speakers in the space. Your curator can programme lunar-inspired events beneath the Moon.