From 26-28th August 2016, Museum of the Moon was presented by co-commissioning partner Lakes Alive in Kendal, UK. The moon was installed inside St. Thomas’ Church with the debut of the commissioned lunar composition playing in surround sound from speakers in the space.

Film of the artwork at night and audience feedback…

Timelapse film of installation process and still images…


Events Beneath the Moon

A programme of events beneath the moon was curated by Lakes Alive, featuring musical performances, poetry and lectures. Highlights included:

  • Manchester Camerata string quartet performance
  • Local poet Harriet Fraser reciting moon-inspired poetry
  • Astronomy talk about the moon by Stuart Atkinson from Kendal’s community of star gazers
  • Talk by Independent Street Arts Network about Dynamic Digital work
  • Children’s arts activity
  • Special Sunday morning church service
  • Talk by Luke Jerram about the making of Museum of the Moon

The Moon and Kendal

“The clear presence of the full orbed moon. ” William Wordsworth

The Lake Poets were a group of English poets who all lived in the Lake District of England, United Kingdom, at the turn of the nineteenth century.  They are considered part of the Romantic Movement. The three main figures of what has become known as the Lakes School were William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey.

Several of their works concern the moon, including this poem To the Moon by William Wordsworth.

Astronomer Arthur Eddington was born in Kendal in 1882. The moon’s Eddington crater was named after him. Eddington’s observations of the solar eclipse in 1919, published the next year confirmed Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and was hailed at the time as a conclusive proof of general relativity over the Newtonian model.

Lakes Alive

Lakes Alive is an annual arts festival in which to be inspired, join in and discover something new. The thriving and vibrant market town of Kendal is the heart of the festival and becomes the backdrop to a range of contemporary visual art exhibitions, new digital commissions and spectacular happenings including performance and installation.


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