During Filux Festival 2022 Museum of the Moon toured 3 locations in Mexico, where the moon has great significance due to its links with Mayan culture. 

The moon is one of the most enigmatic and important elements within Maya mythology, to the extent that a calendar was created from its observation.

It is believed to have great influence over the inhabitants of the planet, oceans, women and agriculture. 

This astronomical body that dominates the night skies has always proved to be of great importance for its effects on the seas and life cycles. The Maya, as observers and scientists, also were aware of its influence on the flow of the tide, harvests and fertility, so they dedicated themselves to identify its phases. 

The traditional Mayas generally assume the Moon to be female, and the Moon’s perceived phases are accordingly conceived as the stages of a woman’s life. The Maya moon goddess wields great influence in many areas. Being in the image of a woman, she is associated with sexuality and procreation, fertility and growth, not only of human beings, but also of the vegetation and the crops.

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