Friday, October 6th | 10am – 9pm
Saturday, October 7th | 10am – 9pm
Sunday, October 8th | 10am – 5pm

Museum of the Moon is making its debut appearance in the U.S. on October 5th, presented by Audible in anticipation of the new audiobook, Artemis. The latest work by acclaimed author Andy Weir (The Martian), Artemis is a thrilling heist story set in the near-future on the surface of the moon, performed by actress Rosario Dawson for its Audible release.

The installation is being showcased at New York Comic Con, inviting New Yorkers on an audio and sensory exploration of the moon. The interactive exhibition includes a NASA grade gallery and is enveloped in powerful audio, sending visitors to the exhilarating world of Artemis and delivering a multi-sensory, transportive experience.

Book Reading by Rosario Dawson


The Meaning of the Moon in American Culture

The Moon has great importance to American culture, especially in recent times in relation to the Space Race and the Apollo  Missions.

There is also a rich history of Native American beliefs, some of which can be read about here.