Evening with the Moon

An Evening with the Moon

An Evening with the Moon is a ticketed event, to be presented at festivals around Europe.

The public will first be invited to attend a talk about the moon, its history, science and mythologies. Visitors will then be taken to the pool to an old style local swimming pool, to change and get ready to swim with the moon.

Suspended 1.5m above the water, moonlight illuminates the water and architecture of the pool. There is no other lighting on, within the space.

The still water reflects and shimmers with moonlight. With the surround sound lunar composition playing in the space, guests are able to slowly swim out, through this reflection, to the Moon and inspect its southern most pole. Bathing in moonlight, the public can explore the Moon and consider their relationship to it.

After this encounter, visitors will be invited for lunar inspired food and drinks.
Arts Organisations can contact us about presenting this installation in your local swimming pool.
Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino – Chapter 1   The Distance of the Moon